Seoul, a beautiful city

360º panoramic view of the entire city of Seoul at a glance
Forget the daily rush of the metropolitan for a moment and get drunk on the calm but radiant view of Seoul, a beautiful Seoul is approaching you

Inside Seoul

Inside Seoul is the immersive media art exhibition over 661 m² wide and is the newest addition to the observatory. Centeredaround the N Seoul Tower structure, over 40 laser projectors present surreal reinterpretations of Seoul via 5-dimensional mapping.

Inside Seoul

Observatory Tower 5F

From the entry point of the elevator passing the media art connected to the interior, the beauty of Seoul spreads in front of you when you reach the Observatory. (Namsan 270m, elevation 507m)

Media art

Digital Telescope

Enjoy beautiful city view by maximum 36x optical zoom lens through high quality LCD display.

Digital Telescope

Tower 2F (Roof terrace), Tower 5F

TIPs to fully enjoy the Observatory!

Search for the stars in the ObservatoryStars are aligned above the sites mingling with the brilliant city's lights and roads.
Search for the 'star' aligned with a vertex of Yongsan’s main street.